Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Virginia Beach Trip

This past weekend I travelled to Virginia Beach with the marching band to participate in the Neptune Festival Parade. It is a huge festival that goes on every year down there to celebrate the end of summer. There are like 50,000 people along the parade route. This is our biggest parade other than the Magic Kingdom parade. We had a football game Friday night (we won by the way) and then had to be back at the school for a 3:30 AM departure!! It rained on and off all of the way there. This first picture is our bus going over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. The second is of Katie and the other kids getting into their uniforms on the bus before we arrived in Virginia Beach. When we got to the staging area for the parade it wasn't raining. The kids got off the bus to get their instruments from underneath, put their plumes in their hats and it started to pour! We got the plumes off their hats but the parade went on as planned. It stopped raining by the time the parade started but not soon enough, everyone got soaked. Needless to say Katie's little cold that she has been fighting is now a bad cold and she feels really crappy and stayed home from school yesterday.

Above is Neptune. This is a big statue on the beach right near the parade route. Below are some pictures from the parade.

Here is Katie and another girl from the band who we always room with on our overnight trips. After the parade we drove to Williamsburg and stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge. It is a really awesome hotel.

Katie and Jaime getting "yelled" at by Mr. Peltz the band director! (They weren't really getting yelled out he was just messing around)
Katie enjoying the fabulous room we got. Incredible TWO floor room. She is sliding down the railing. Her and Jaime had a blast. This room had two bathrooms, three tv's, a fireplace and an upstairs bedroom! Looking down from the upstairs bedroom.

Also this weekend my little kitty Sonny went in to be neutered and declawed. He made out fine. I picked him up Sunday night after we got home from Virginia. Although he is not feeling too well today. I have to go to the vet after work and pick up some pain meds for the little guy. Poor baby!!

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Angela said...

Great photos.
Looks like a wonderful time was had.