Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another weekend gone in an instant....

Another weekend has flown by. It is already 3:00 on Sunday afternoon. Yesterday was spent hanging around the house as Tropical Storm Hanna blew threw. Not as bad as the weather people were making it out to be. Lots of rain, just a little wind.

Today was spent lazing around. I did finish my cards for my card swap due on 9/20. I managed to get the last of the done while the cats were taking their afternoon nap!
Here is a picture of my card. It is a fall themed card. I wanted to give the stamped image a little pizazz without coloring in the whole image so I used a little stickles on the pumpkins and I thought I would just highlight a little bit on the boy (scarf and patch on knee). I should have stopped with just the pumpkins but too late now. I guess it came out ok. Plus the flash made the stickles really shiney, doesn't look that shiney in person.
The first week of school is behind us. Not too eventful. I am sure things will get into full swing this week. Went to the first football game with the band on Friday night. We played Bonner an all boy catholic HS in Upper Darby PA. We gave them their first win in two years. The band did really well, can't say the same for the football team. It is a shame because last year our team made it to the first round of the championships but since a lot of the best players graduated last year our team needs to rebuild itself. It was hot at the game and buggy. There were actually bats swooping down on the field and stands eating the bugs!

I am getting ready to go to my mother's for dinner. She is cooking us dinner for my birthday, which is actually on Wednesday. I will be 29 again!


Maribel said...

What a cute card!

amberhelga said...

great card! I have to agree time is flying by.