Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Another new year is upon us. The time just flies anymore, the older I get the fast time just wisks by me. It is scary!

I know resolutions are almost always broken. But I am going to make a few anyway. Can't hurt to try, right?

First, I am going to continue with my weight loss journey. The last time I was at my weight loss meeting was before Christmas and I was down 15 pounds, I had been down 16 but gained a pound over the Thanksgiving holiday. Can't wait (ha ha) to see what damage I did over the Christmas holiday! Weigh in is on Wednesday.

Second, I am going to cut back to almost nothing on my scrapbook spending. I have so much stuff I could open a store! I am going to finish out my commitment to Shirley's Close to my Heart hostess club, I think that has a few months left. I am also going to continue with my Scrap Room monthly kits but I am dropping all add on's. I of course will have to continue to buy consumables such as adhesives.

I also want to try to use my cricut more in my scrapbooking, actually try to scrapbook more in general. I make so little time for it, it is no wonder I am years behind in scrapping pictures. My once a month crops just are not enough. As for my cricut, I was updating my inventory of cartridges and boy oh boy I have accumulated a lot of them! If I counted right I have 48 of them!! OMG!! So I really need to start making better use of them.

Ok, well gotta go finish de-Christmasing my house. One more thing I want to try to blog on a more regular basis too.

Happy New Year!!