Monday, July 30, 2007

CKC Valley Forge

Wow, what a day I had on Friday. Busy busy busy. I went to CKC Valley Forge and had an incredible day full of fun scrapbooking classes and shopping! I got the the convention center about 7:30 am and picked up my registration stuff. I had a class at 8:30 so I couldn't take advantage of the early entrance to the vendor fair. My first class was okay, not great just okay, not worth the $19 fee. I did get out a little early and made a dash for the vendor fair to take advantage of the early admission. I have about 20 minutes before my next class so I went to mlpa's booth and picked up some stuff and looked around a little. Then off to my next class which was much better than the first one. When that was over I had a three hour break before my next classes began. So I planned on shopping and getting something to eat. I ran into Denise Pat Jean and Tammy so we decided to have lunch together. I knew Karen was in the hotel so I gave her a call and she joined us. Then after lunch we went our separate ways to continue shopping. I got lots of great papers. I picked up two new paper lines from Basic Grey, 2 beautiful boxes of primas, some clear stamps, some new Rusty Pickle papers, buttons, and paper flowers that you color yourself, a great All About Me kit from the CKC booth for only $10 and of course a show t-shirt! Oh yeah and a few page kits from Time Flies. I just love their kits, I also go a really cool stitching stamp from them and white pigment ink! I had a big gap between my last two classes so I checked out the class board and saw that they had a class that I would like and signed up for that too! So my afternoon I went from class to class and had a great time. All of my afternoon classes were great!!! I finally left the convention a little after 7:00 pm with a million great ideas going through my head, a trunk full of great new stuff and very very tired!!! Can't wait for next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday Again!

It seems like Saturday mornings are the only time I get to do anything on the computer!

I am anxiously awaiting the UPS man who is supposed to be delivering my new Harry Potter book today. I am hoping he comes early!!! Other than that it is not going to be a real exciting weekend. Going out to dinner tonight for Frank's birthday.

Next weekend is CKC at Valley Forge!! Wooo Hoooo!!! Can't wait. I am taking 5 classes, hopefully all will be worth my time and money. Unfortunately they aren't always that great. Plan on doing some shopping and lots of looking at all of the scrapbooking goodies.

We got Katie her new hamster after Poppy died. The new one is Charlie adn she is a black bear hamster and super cute!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Yeahhhh Its Saturday!!!!!!!!!!

I just love Saturday mornings, one of my favorite times of the week! Especially when I practically have the house to myself. Frank is working today and probably won't be home until early afternoon and Katie sleeps until 10 or 11 now that it is summer so it is nice and quiet. Well almost quiet if you don't mind the sound of the parakeet chirping away and the bunny telling me he wants out of his cage by chewing at the door of it!!

I am going to spend my quiet morning cleaning the house. I live such an exciting life sometimes I just can't stand it! But its therapeutic for me. I like the mindless business of it. Plus I love when I am done and my house is nice and clean. I know I know it probably makes me a really weird but what can I say!

I also hope to get to my scraproom and get some stuff done today too. I have been feeling really challenged in creativity department lately. I just have no motivation to scrap. It must be the heat. Next weekend I will get a lot done, since Karen and I are going to trek up to Judy's for her Farewell Crop next Saturday. Nothing like 8 or 10 hours of scrapbooking and lots and lots of fun with the ladies! I can't believe Judy is moving to Georgia, it is a wonderful opportunity for her family but we are really going to miss her at our monthly crops! In February I will be making an overnight stop in Atlanta on the way to Seaworld on the big band trip. I hope I get a few free hours that maybe I can catch up with Judy.

Time to stop typing and get cleaning!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Well, I haven't posted in a while. With school wrapping up for the year and vacation I just haven't had time to post. I am off from work today since it is Independence Day. Didn't make it to my town's parade, it starts at 8 AM!! But we did go to Glenolden's parade since my brother and two of my nephews were in that parade. Plus it started at a more the civilized hour of 10:30. Now if I can just squeeze maybe an hour or so in this evening sometime to do a little scrapbooking I would be a happy camper!

Here are some great pictures that I took using my new camera.

Matt riding on a float. He refused to wear his uniform.
He likes absolutely no fuss made over him.

Katie's look of pure joy when she spots Matt's float.

Matt and my Mother

Matt with his mother, JoAnn and my brother Mike

(also in the parade since he is Glenolden's Chief of Police)

Matt with Katie and her friend Jamie just one of many of Katie's little girlfriends who have a crush on Matt. I must say I can't blame them he is a real sweetheart!

And last by not least the Avalon String Band. It is not a parade in the Philly area without at least one Mummer's String Band!!! They didn't have their full costumes on. It wasn't all that how this year, I guess they didn't want to chance messing the feathers up with the little bit of rain we got this morning.