Wednesday, September 10, 2008

15,330 Days.....

15,330 days is how long I have been alive, LOL. I don't know if that sounds better than 42 years or not! I am unfortunately at work on my birthday. I really think that companies should make your birthday a holiday for you. I think my boss is going to take me out to lunch for my birthday. I hope we are going to go to Peking and really good Chinese restaurant near my work. It is tradition that the birthday person brings in some treats to share. So I stopped at the bakery this morning and picked up a dozen donuts and some sticky buns. Hopefully everyone will enjoy them.
I found out last night at the boosters meeting that plans may be changing with our Florida trip. It was originally planned that we would be going to Coco Beach, Kennedy Space Center, Universal and Sea World. But Mr. Peltz lets the seniors have a big say in where we go and they are pushing for Disney. So it looks like we are probably going back to Disney in February. That is fine with me, there was so much I didn't see while I was there. Another issue that came up last was price. The cost of the trips are getting higher and higher. We are going to Virginia Beach at the end of the month and the price for that is $135 for students and $150 for chaperones. Up 30-40% from last year. The Florida trip went from $425 for students to $475 and there hasn't been a price set for chaperones yet. So what Mr. P. is trying to do is keep the costs down. He may cut the length of the trip from 5 days in Florida to 4. And possibly cut the Virginia Beach from the schedule next year. That way there is only one expensive trip per band season. We do a lot of fund raising but we can't keep up with the rising prices. Especially the buses. Their cost went up by almost 20%. I am just glad I only have one kid. Some parents have two kids in the band, I don't know how they do it financially.

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