Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Allergy Testing

On Monday I went to the dermatologist to get "patch tested". I have had dishydrotic eczema on my hand for about two years and the past few months it has really flared up badly. Went to the dermatologist at the end of August and he thought it might be brought on by something I am touching so he scheduled me for this patch testing. What they did was adhere 65 little metal grommet like things to my back with tape. Each grommet was filled with an allergen. These were the 65 most common allergens for my area, northeast United States. Ok, so Monday I go in and they adhere this things all over my back. I can't get my back wet. I go back today and they remove everything and look at which allergens I may be allergic to. Guess what? I was allergic to the freakin' tape they used to adhere everything and NOT ONE SINGLE other thing tested positive!! So now I have to go back again on Friday and see if I have a delayed reaction to anything. Still can't get my back wet. It has been real fun every morning trying to bathe in the bathroom sink. This morning I washed my hair in my kitchen sink because it has a spray hose. Well, I think I got half of the kitchen wet! Can't wait until Friday when I can actually take a real shower!

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