Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Some days I really love my job!

I am sitting at my desk at 2:30 on a Tuesday afternoon, eating sushi, Stilton blue cheese, smoked salmon and sipping champagne punch! And listening to a string quartet. I work at a very prestigious retirement community in Media, PA. We are celebrating the opening of the addition to out medical center as well as a complete renovation of our "commons" building. I took pictures during the ceremony which was very nice and mingles through the party crowd taking some candid shots and group shots. It rained this morning but the rain stopped in time for the ceremony at 1:00. Before and after the speeches there was a lone bag piper playing, very nice. Then everyone converged on the party. Our dining staff out did themselves. As much as we all complain about the food they feed the employees at lunch time, when it comes to a special function they are spectacular. Ahhh.... I think I will go get myself some chocolate cover strawberries for dessert! I hope hubby isn't hungry tonight, because I know I won't feel like dinner after noshing on all of the goodies here all afternoon!

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