Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Evening

I always plan on my Sundays being a relaxing day. Somehow it never seems to turnout that way! This morning I had to lug all of my scrap stuff back up to my scraproom. We had a great crop yesterday. Only 18 croppers we were supposed to have 21 but the weather was so crappy it must have kept them away. The weather did cancel last night's football game against Salesianum. So we are going tomorrow night now. Which means I had to rearrange Kate's private music lessons and this week is chock full so nowhere to put a make up lesson. So she will miss altogether this week. I took Katie and three of her girl friends down to Regal cinemas in Brandywine De. to see The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3d. That took all afternoon. I just looked in the stores in the shopping center until my ankle/foot had enough! So all of my plans for myself today have yet to be realized and here it is 6:49 pm. I still have to go pick Kate up at a friends house at 7:00. So another Sunday slipped away from me. Bummer.

This week is going to be so busy. Therapy and a football game tomorrow, Halloween and therapy on Wednesday, Kate has an orthodontist appointment and the kitten has a vet appointment on Thursday, then Friday is therapy yet again and another football game, at least this one is at home! So once again I will plan to make some time for just me next weekend! Maybe I will have better luck with some "ME TIME" next weekend.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Road Trip

It is already Sunday. The weekends just fly by so darn fast! Yesterday I was so busy all day, not one second for myself. We were at the high school at 7:30 to make hoagies for a band fundraiser. The band made a total of 722 hoagies!!! We were done there by 11:00. Then home to get Katy's band shoes and saxophone, dropped her off at a bandmates house, then onto deliver the hoagies that I had sold. Got home at 1:15, ate my hoagie and then off to the game that stated at 2:00!! I took one of Katy's girlfriends with me to the game. She normally spends the weekends at her dad's house but didn't go this weekend so she was thrilled to get to go see Kate play with the band. The game was good, the weather was gorgeous football weather and of course the BUCS won!! Go Bucs. They beat Pennwood 34 to 6. The band did an awesome job as usual, although due to the rescheduling of the game more that 1/3 of the band couldn't make the game. So no half time show. But it was Homecoming so those festivities took up most of 1/2 time anyway. Then Katy's friend ended up spending the night. They are still sleeping right now.

I plan on taking a road trip today to memory lane pa. My not so local scrapbooking store. It is in Quakertown. About 50 minutes, 40 or so miles and a total of $1.50 in turnpike tolls (one way) and I am in scrapbook heaven!! Frank doesn't want me to go, he says that it is a waste of gas!! Some men just don't understand this scrapbook addiction!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Night Lights

Well, the impending storm has cancelled the homecoming game. So no band tonight. The game has been rescheduled for tomorrow. Also tomorrow the band has to be at the high school at 7:00 to make hoagies. They sold hoagies as a fund raiser and tomorrow is the day that all 1000 hoagies need to be made! We should be done by 11:00 and then home to get ready for the game and Katie has to be back at the school at 12:15! So much for an afternoon to get stuff done around the house.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another thing that happened.....

We got a new kitten!! Katie has been bugging us for YEARS for a dog. She finally realized that wasn't going to happen so she switched tatics and started asking for a cat. Frank said no for months then out of the blue he said YES! I couldn't believe it. So off to the SPCA to see what they had. We found the most adorable little black and white kitten. We were told she was about 8 weeks old. We took her to the vet that first week and the vet thought that she was probably more like 5-6 weeks old. She only weighed 1.4 pounds and had a respiratory infection. She went back two weeks later and she had doubled her weight to 2.8 pounds and her cold was getting better. Here are some pictures of our new addition GERRY. Katie named her after Gerard Way (sp?) of the band My Chemical Romance.

These first three photos were taken the day we got Gerry 9/23/07

This one was take about a week ago. She is like a little baby when she is sleeping. When she is awake she is a little devil!!

This was take today. She is posing for this photo like a pro!

Where have the past few months gone?

I can't believe that it is the middle of October already. The past two months have been absolutely crazy. Katie started marching band in August and that totally consumed that last month of the summer. Then on August 15th I fell and broke my ankle! I was making dinner, leaned out the back door to throw a can into the recycle bin and missed. I stepped out the door to pick the can up not realizing it was on the step, I thought it had bounced into the yard. As soon as I felt my foot hit the can I knew I was going down. Funny thing is I have absolutely no recollection of actually falling or hitting the ground. There was no LOC but I just have blocked out that few seconds of my life for some reason. I got my first ride ever in an ambulance, not all that exciting. The ER didn't really do too much for me, they put me in a temporary cast and told me I had to go to see an orthopedic doctor. It turns out I have an avulsion fracture to my tibia and fibula and a crush injury to the top of my foot. An avulsion fracture is when the bone is broken when the tendons and ligaments are torn from the bone! Sounds lovely doesn't it??? I missed a total of two weeks from work and felt that I had to go back against dr's orders since my boss was going on a three week vacation to Alaska! Biggest mistake I have ever made. I was in a Cam Walker Boot for 7 weeks. The ankle was never casted since when I fell I was in bare feet and did a beautiful job of ripping up the top of my foot. Now I am in a funky lace up and Velcro strapped brace that I wear with my shoes. It is now two months and I am still in constant pain. I started therapy last week and that has increased the pain!

Even with all of this craziness with my ankle I still managed to go to Virginia Beach with the marching band where they marched in the big parade at the Neptune Festival. I have been enjoying going to the Friday night football games too! Tomorrow night is homecoming so that should be fun. It is amazing how much fun Katie is having. At first she was a little overwhelmed with the band but she has come to love it. There are 115 kids in the band and she is one of four 7th graders. Most of the kids are high school kids.


Neptune Festival Virginia Beach Va

Interboro High School Buccaneer Marching Band

Some of band members performing a scene while the band plays the theme from

Disney's Pirates of the Carribbean.

Katie is the third one in on from the left. She plays the alto sax.