Friday, August 15, 2008

Ocean City

We travelled to Ocean City yesterday. Katie marched with the band in the 99th annual Ocean City, New Jersey Baby Parade. The kids did a great job. It is always fun since it is the first parade of the season. Lots of newbies in the band this year but they all sounded great. This is the 14th or 15th time the Interboro H.S. marching band has lead the parade.

After the parade we spent some time on the beach. It was HOT HOT HOT. No sea breeze at all. I had an umbrella but still the sun was too much. We left to come home around 2:00. We had been there since about 8:15 am!!

I took lots of pictures but didn't get a chance to get them off my camera yet. So maybe tonight or tomorrow I will post some pictures from the parade.

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Barb Nelson said...

I *loved* marching band in high school. I hope my kids want to be in it when they get older.