Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Monday

Here is a really cute picture of my kitties. What a life!

Well, the weekend flew by as usual. And as usual I got hardly anything done that I wanted to get done. Saturday was filled with errands and cleaning. Then yesterday I was hoping to get some scrapbooking done but ended up going to the movies with Katie and her girlfriends. I normally just drop them off and then go back and pick them up when the movie is over but one girl wasn't allowed to go unless I stayed with them. So I had to stay. The girls are all 13 but for some reason this girl was allowed to see a rated R movie but couldn't stay without a parent. Anyway, we saw Step Brothers. What a waste of time!! OMG it was awful. Definitely made with the mentality of a goofy teenager in mind!

I did get one thing done that I have been meaning to. I took about 8,000 pictures off of my computer and put them on discs. Hopefully it will help my geriatric computer run a little better. I also download new pictures from my camera and the parade on Thursday.

Here are a few:

Katie getting ready to step off. She is never looking at the camera when I want her to!

Stepping off on the boards!
There they go!

Crazy seagulls! Someone left food on their beach towel and they went nuts!

Katie and her friend Cait on the beach and playing in the surf after the parade.

This morning started Band Week. Kate has practice from 8AM until Noon and then back again at 6PM until 9PM. They do that today through Thursday and then Friday they go to Killin's Pond State Park in Delaware for a big picnic and day of fun! I am helping every night this week so I will be busy busy busy, work all day, run home get her to band, run home feed hubby, and back to the school to help out in any way I can. I am happy to do it. Last year I missed out on all of that because I broke my ankle a few days for before band week started, ouch!

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Perky Nihilist said...

We saw Step Brothers too and I agree - it was just awful.

To think, two hours of our life we'll never get back. *grin*