Saturday, August 23, 2008

Long and busy week!

Well, this week has been very busy. It was "Band Week" and Katie had to be at band practice from 8am to Noon and then 6-9pm, Monday thru Wednesday then on Thursday they had to be in regular time in the am but back at 4pm! Thursday night was family night. Big BBQ picnic for the band members and their families and the kids performed their half time routine. I went at 4 to help with the set up. There was a HUGE turnout. There are about 110 kids in the band and their must have been easily 100++ family members.

Here is a very small section of the huge line for food!

The kids performed the three songs from the Blues Brothers movie that make up their half time show for the football games. It is amazing how good they are already. Katie is doing great with her tenor sax. She is right out front for one of the songs. I have a video of it and if I figure out how to post it I will. I also have lots of pictures too.

Yesterday was the band picnic trip to Killins Pond state park but Katie decided not to go. She was exhausted from a hard week and actually slept until 2:30 in the afternoon. I took advantage of my day off and got myself a pedicure in the morning and than ran a lot errands that I would normally have to do on Saturday. A very productive day.

So after I get done updating here I just have to clean the bathroom and vacuum and I am free the rest of the day to do what I want. Hopefully that includes scrapbooking!! Speaking of scrapbooking, I got myself in a little trouble with Creative Memories. I sell some of my unused scrapbook stuff on ebay (mostly non CM stuff) but I did throw a few CM things that I just don't use on ebay and I don't know how they do it but they caught me. I got a phone call and an email telling me that I am breaking the CM rules and I had to take down all of my auctions and sign a letter telling them I won't break their rules again. And I was suspended from CM for 10 days, although they must have gotten the letter I faxed and checked ebay to see that I took down my auctions because I got an email telling me that I would be reinstated today. So my plan is to place another CM order and get what a few customers need and some stuff for croptoberfest and then I am getting out of the CM business. Too restrictive. I can't buy or sell ANY scrapbooking stuff on ebay. NOTHING. I made almost $200 in one week selling stuff on ebay. I don't think I have made $200 in the few months I have been selling CM!!!

I said I would post some pictures so here they are:

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