Saturday, August 30, 2008

I love my cat....

(oh, the life of a cat!)
I spent over two hours at the vet this morning with my Kit Kat. She has been having a problem with her left eye. Discharge, blinking a lot, rubbing it. I took her to a vet last month and whatever the problem was then it is back. I couldn't get into her regular vet until Tuesday, but I can't go on Tuesday, so instead of making her wait I got into another vet today. They were nice enough. Her appointment was at 11:30. We didn't get seen by the vet until around 1:00!! They had an emergency which I understand. If I didn't hear what was going on through the walls I would not have known why I was sitting in the little room for so darn long. A dog came in in real distress and he ended up dying. I heard a lot of commotion and then someone was crying. Very sad,my heart goes out to the dog's owner.
The vet finally came in looked over Kit Kat pretty good, she was not a happy camper, plenty of low threatening growls. She said she could have a viral infection that when cats get it they always have it. Or she could have allergies. So $144 and FOUR prescriptions late I walked out of the vet at 1:45!! I have drops for eyes, drops that I have to get into her mouth, a pill that I have to give her (that should be fun!) and also a capsule that I have to open and sprinkle over her food.
I certainly hope all of this stuff helps her be more comfortable. I am slightly skeptical just because this is not my regular vet. But I will see how things go. And then decide if I should take her to her regular Dr. for her recheck in about 10-14 days.
Now it off to buy school supplies for Katie. Only four more days until school starts, yeah!!

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