Thursday, October 18, 2007

Where have the past few months gone?

I can't believe that it is the middle of October already. The past two months have been absolutely crazy. Katie started marching band in August and that totally consumed that last month of the summer. Then on August 15th I fell and broke my ankle! I was making dinner, leaned out the back door to throw a can into the recycle bin and missed. I stepped out the door to pick the can up not realizing it was on the step, I thought it had bounced into the yard. As soon as I felt my foot hit the can I knew I was going down. Funny thing is I have absolutely no recollection of actually falling or hitting the ground. There was no LOC but I just have blocked out that few seconds of my life for some reason. I got my first ride ever in an ambulance, not all that exciting. The ER didn't really do too much for me, they put me in a temporary cast and told me I had to go to see an orthopedic doctor. It turns out I have an avulsion fracture to my tibia and fibula and a crush injury to the top of my foot. An avulsion fracture is when the bone is broken when the tendons and ligaments are torn from the bone! Sounds lovely doesn't it??? I missed a total of two weeks from work and felt that I had to go back against dr's orders since my boss was going on a three week vacation to Alaska! Biggest mistake I have ever made. I was in a Cam Walker Boot for 7 weeks. The ankle was never casted since when I fell I was in bare feet and did a beautiful job of ripping up the top of my foot. Now I am in a funky lace up and Velcro strapped brace that I wear with my shoes. It is now two months and I am still in constant pain. I started therapy last week and that has increased the pain!

Even with all of this craziness with my ankle I still managed to go to Virginia Beach with the marching band where they marched in the big parade at the Neptune Festival. I have been enjoying going to the Friday night football games too! Tomorrow night is homecoming so that should be fun. It is amazing how much fun Katie is having. At first she was a little overwhelmed with the band but she has come to love it. There are 115 kids in the band and she is one of four 7th graders. Most of the kids are high school kids.


Neptune Festival Virginia Beach Va

Interboro High School Buccaneer Marching Band

Some of band members performing a scene while the band plays the theme from

Disney's Pirates of the Carribbean.

Katie is the third one in on from the left. She plays the alto sax.

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