Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Road Trip

It is already Sunday. The weekends just fly by so darn fast! Yesterday I was so busy all day, not one second for myself. We were at the high school at 7:30 to make hoagies for a band fundraiser. The band made a total of 722 hoagies!!! We were done there by 11:00. Then home to get Katy's band shoes and saxophone, dropped her off at a bandmates house, then onto deliver the hoagies that I had sold. Got home at 1:15, ate my hoagie and then off to the game that stated at 2:00!! I took one of Katy's girlfriends with me to the game. She normally spends the weekends at her dad's house but didn't go this weekend so she was thrilled to get to go see Kate play with the band. The game was good, the weather was gorgeous football weather and of course the BUCS won!! Go Bucs. They beat Pennwood 34 to 6. The band did an awesome job as usual, although due to the rescheduling of the game more that 1/3 of the band couldn't make the game. So no half time show. But it was Homecoming so those festivities took up most of 1/2 time anyway. Then Katy's friend ended up spending the night. They are still sleeping right now.

I plan on taking a road trip today to memory lane pa. My not so local scrapbooking store. It is in Quakertown. About 50 minutes, 40 or so miles and a total of $1.50 in turnpike tolls (one way) and I am in scrapbook heaven!! Frank doesn't want me to go, he says that it is a waste of gas!! Some men just don't understand this scrapbook addiction!

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