Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another thing that happened.....

We got a new kitten!! Katie has been bugging us for YEARS for a dog. She finally realized that wasn't going to happen so she switched tatics and started asking for a cat. Frank said no for months then out of the blue he said YES! I couldn't believe it. So off to the SPCA to see what they had. We found the most adorable little black and white kitten. We were told she was about 8 weeks old. We took her to the vet that first week and the vet thought that she was probably more like 5-6 weeks old. She only weighed 1.4 pounds and had a respiratory infection. She went back two weeks later and she had doubled her weight to 2.8 pounds and her cold was getting better. Here are some pictures of our new addition GERRY. Katie named her after Gerard Way (sp?) of the band My Chemical Romance.

These first three photos were taken the day we got Gerry 9/23/07

This one was take about a week ago. She is like a little baby when she is sleeping. When she is awake she is a little devil!!

This was take today. She is posing for this photo like a pro!

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Rachael said...

Too cute!! That last pic is so adorable!! She must know you that you scrapbook!! LOL