Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday... Again

Well, I am at work. I really should be doing something productive but the server is down, or something like that. So there is no work email and no way to access any of my files (all of them) which are stored on the server! Lucky for me we still have internet access!

It looks like it will be another beautiful day. Too bad I am stuck inside all day. I have several things that NEED to get done today, other than that I will fill my day with stupid busy work that I save when nothing else in going on.

I got my mlpa Scrap This Challenge done yesterday. I a pretty happy with the way it turned out. The bottle cap had me stumped for a while but I figured out a way to use it.

I am sure this week will go fast. Katie leaves for Pioneer Club Camp Friday afternoon and she won't be back until Sunday afternoon. We have to clean everything and get repacked. She leave Monday morning for the Sixth Grade Camping trip. This time she will gone the entire week! She has never been away for that long before. They are not allowed to bring cell phones and there is no pay phone at the camp. The teacher said that phone calls home cause home sickness and that makes for a miserable camp experience. I know she will be fine, I am a little worried about me!

I am really looking forward to our All Day Crop this Saturday! I want to get my mom's Arizona album done. Well, I better get back and try to do some work today!

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