Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Feels like winter is arriving...

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is two weeks from Thursday and Christmas day is in just SEVEN short weeks! The summer flew by and now the holiday season is quickly approaching.

I went to what is probably going to be the last football game of the season on Friday night. Had a great time with the other "Band Parents" in the stands. The kids as usually did a great job with their music. We played Chichester and they brought their band. If you can call it a band, 17 members and one color guard. If the away team brings a band typically they do a pregame show. But since Friday night was Senior Recognition night (the band has 26 seniors) that took up the pregame time. So we graciously allowed Chichester's band to have 6 minutes of the halftime show. Well they totally took up the entire halftime leaving us just THREE minutes to do our halftime performance. The kids barely got on the field played just about two minutes of their song and literally had to run off of the field as the football players were coming onto it! Out team gets a penalty if we are still on the field when halftime is over. I was very disappointed since like I said this is probably the last game of the season. After halftime the kids kind of let loose and have lots of fun in the stands. They have a few songs that they sing and dance to and interact with the cheerleaders. It just amazes me when I see Katie up there singing and dancing in the stands. She is growing up so fast I just can't comprehend it sometimes! Plus Friday night was so darn cold sitting in the stands! It still was so much fun! It is still up in the air whether or not we will be having a Thanksgiving Day game against Ridley. We are both in the playoffs and it depends on how they go.

Monday the Band will be marching in Media's Veteran's Day Parade. Katie is thrilled because she gets out of school for the day. I couldn't get off , but Frank and his mother plan on attending the parade.

We also got final word that the Interboro High School Buccaneer Marching Band was honored to be selected once again out of 1,000 of applicants to march in Disney's Main Street Parade. It will be at 7:00 pm Sunday February 17,m 2008! This is the fourth time our band has been selected to march in this parade. They just did it this past February and I saw the video and it is incredible. The crowds, the lights and marching right past Cinderella's castle will just be incredible. I don't know who is more excited me or Katie. This will be the first time to Disney World for both of us. Frank is going, he is staying home to take care of the zoo. We are leaving 2/14/08 and driving through the night to Atlanta. We will be spending the day in Atlanta visiting the Martin Luther King Memorial, CNN, Coca Cola and hopefully the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library. We will then drive onto the Georgia/Florida border and spend the night and then Saturday will we finish our ride to Orlando! We will be spending three nights at Disney and will have a hopper pass that will allow us into all of the Disney attractions. Number one on my list is Animal Kingdom. I hear it is incredible. I also really want to do Epcot. I will have to get another memory card or two for my camera. I am sure to 100's and 100's of pictures!

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