Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bad news for my ankle

I went to a new doctor yesterday since my previous doctor was a complete quack. While Dr. #1 did seem to diagnose my injury correctly at the end, he totally prescribed the wrong treatment. With an injury like I had, an avulsion fracture to the fibula, the bone fracture is really a minor part of the injury. Usually there is ligament damage which is more serious. Dr. #1 had me walking on my injured ankle in a boot two days after the injury, allowed me to go back to work after 14 days. According to Dr. #2 I should have been totally off of my feet for a MINIMUM of three weeks. No weight bearing at all. Dr. #2 said he believes that I have a tear in my AFT ligament. He also can't believe that I haven't had a MRI before now. I am scheduled Sunday morning for my MRI. This will show the full extent of the damage, whether the AFT has a partial tear or a complete tear. If it is partial I will heal on my own, eventually. If it is completely torn then I will require surgery to repair it! Plus Dr. #2 said that this particular ligament keeps your ankle in place and moving correctly when it is damage your tibia and fibula which come down into the talus (sp?) and form your ankle joint, can move incorrectly resulting in damage to the joint itself! I am so made that a supposed reputable Orthopedic Surgeon didn't treat my injury correctly! I am really hoping that I have the lesser injury because I really don't want to have to have surgery!

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