Sunday, November 18, 2007

MRI Results

I got a call from my new doctor on Wednesday night. He had the results of my MRI. The ATF ligament has a partial tear, there is a fluid build up in my ankle joint and fluid in my bone marrow of one the bones in my ankle, can't remember which one!! Craziness!! I can't believe how incompetent Dr. Gordon was. He totally screwed everything up. So I am back in the cam walker boot and go to Dr. Adamo on December 10th. All I know is that I better be feeling better by February when I go to Disney!!

Although I am really pissed at Dr. Gordon and my ankle is not better yet because of his total disregard for my injury I really have no legal recourse. My injuries are not serious enough to warrant a malpractice suit. So I am settling on a letter writing campaign to get this guy at least reprimand in some way.

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