Saturday, July 7, 2007

Yeahhhh Its Saturday!!!!!!!!!!

I just love Saturday mornings, one of my favorite times of the week! Especially when I practically have the house to myself. Frank is working today and probably won't be home until early afternoon and Katie sleeps until 10 or 11 now that it is summer so it is nice and quiet. Well almost quiet if you don't mind the sound of the parakeet chirping away and the bunny telling me he wants out of his cage by chewing at the door of it!!

I am going to spend my quiet morning cleaning the house. I live such an exciting life sometimes I just can't stand it! But its therapeutic for me. I like the mindless business of it. Plus I love when I am done and my house is nice and clean. I know I know it probably makes me a really weird but what can I say!

I also hope to get to my scraproom and get some stuff done today too. I have been feeling really challenged in creativity department lately. I just have no motivation to scrap. It must be the heat. Next weekend I will get a lot done, since Karen and I are going to trek up to Judy's for her Farewell Crop next Saturday. Nothing like 8 or 10 hours of scrapbooking and lots and lots of fun with the ladies! I can't believe Judy is moving to Georgia, it is a wonderful opportunity for her family but we are really going to miss her at our monthly crops! In February I will be making an overnight stop in Atlanta on the way to Seaworld on the big band trip. I hope I get a few free hours that maybe I can catch up with Judy.

Time to stop typing and get cleaning!

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