Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday Again!

It seems like Saturday mornings are the only time I get to do anything on the computer!

I am anxiously awaiting the UPS man who is supposed to be delivering my new Harry Potter book today. I am hoping he comes early!!! Other than that it is not going to be a real exciting weekend. Going out to dinner tonight for Frank's birthday.

Next weekend is CKC at Valley Forge!! Wooo Hoooo!!! Can't wait. I am taking 5 classes, hopefully all will be worth my time and money. Unfortunately they aren't always that great. Plan on doing some shopping and lots of looking at all of the scrapbooking goodies.

We got Katie her new hamster after Poppy died. The new one is Charlie adn she is a black bear hamster and super cute!

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Rachael said...

Hope the UPS man didn't take his good old time!!!

Have fun at CKC!!!