Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I finally got the chance to get the pictures from the concert at the Pennsylvania State Capitol uploaded here. The Norwood Middle School Concert Band played at the capitol for the 5th consecutive year. It is an absolute stunning builing inside. So if you live in PA and you have never been there you should put it on your list of things to see.The band was posing on the steps inside the rotunda. The guy in the green shirt was a photograher who works at the capital. He was taking a group shot for us and will send us the pictures in a few weeks.
The band in action. Katy is in second row third in from right.
This is a picture of the rotunda. It does not do this place justice.
Getting ready to play
Another shot looking up into the rotunda
Here is the buildind from the outside. That big green dome is what the rotunda shots are (on the inside) pictured above.
We were very honored to be asked back year after year. The kids enjoy it, mostly because they get out of school, and it is a nice experience overall for them. This was Katy's last year going, as next year she will be in high school.

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