Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Update

I spent the weekend at my Uncle Ed's house in northern New Jersey (Pequonnock to be exact), he is about 15 or so miles outside of NYC. Katy and I went up for my cousin Donna's son's high school graduation/going off to college party. We drove up yesterday morning and came back about an hour or so ago. Had a good time, took my camera but didn't take any pictures! Duh! Donna's son Hugh, is six foot 8 inches and is going to SUNY Maritime College on a basket ball scholarship. He is a really nice boy. I also got to see my cousin Deb, Donna's sister and her family. Their younger sister Jen and her family couldn't make it, as Jen was not feeling well and didn't think she could do the two hour drive from Connecticut. Got to see my great nephew Osiris, haven't seen him since last November when he moved to Florida with his mother. He is as cute as ever and seem genuinely happy to see me and Katy, I was afraid he would have forgotten us, after all he is only 4. I believe he is going back to Florida soon. I wish my nephew would get better custody arrangements but he doesn't like to rock the boat!

My goal for this afternoon is to scrapbook!! I printed out all of the challenges from the TSR site and I want to get at least two of them completed today! It is too hot to go outside to do anything so it is perfect to sit in the a/c and scrap!! I hope to be on tomorrow posting an update with lots of pictures of what I got done today!

Also BB is on tonight, can't wait to see who Michelle puts up. I got Showtime just so I could watch BB after dark. I have been taping it and watching it the next day, fast forwarding through a lot of it because it can be boring but evidently something big happened on Friday night. Of course that is the one night I forgot to tape it. I did tape it last night but DH is hogging the TV so I might not be able to watch it before the show tonight.

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